From Successful to Unsuccessful Habits …

From Successful to Unsuccessful Habits …

Last week I talked about My 3 biggest success’s that have been game changers in my life.

This week I am going to the opposite end of the spectrum to talk about the 3 unhealthy habits in my life keeping me from ultimate success.

When you are aware of the roadblocks and barriers, you are able to solve these issues move around them and take your life and your goals to the next level.

#1 Distractions from Social Media: I am so distracted by social media. I will go on the socials to post, follow up etc …. and an hour later I am looking at pregnancy workouts, cute workout outfits, completely loosing site of what I had come on the Medias to do in the first place. Set a time in your schedule daily (example 1-2 is your time to look up social media, answer messages etc …). This will put it out of site, out of mind and keep you focused on the tasks at hand!

#2 Doing the least important things first:  We tend to want to tackle the easy things first it feels good in the moment but it is not making us the most productive we can be. Instead, tackle the most important task (no matter how daunting or scary it can be) first. This makes you feel really accomplished and will give you momentum and drive towards to attack more tasks and duties in your life.Â

#3 Having Gratitude for Where you are At and Clarity on Where you are Going… I tend to listen to a lot of level 5 people. I read books from greats like Tony Robbins, Ed Mylett, Mel Robbins, etc … I have a competitive nature and compare myself to where they are at with my current state. I remember listening to John Maxwell and he said you have to have gratitude in where your at in order to get to where you ultimately want! I am constantly looking for the next phase and forgetting the gratitude of the current state. It becomes exhausting and life is never truly fulfilling because your not living in the now!

What are some of your road blocks CPM’ers?

Post your answers in the comments below …


A. Overhead Squat

B. Amrap 12
12 Wallball
12 Toe to Bar
12 Kb Snatch
100 Meter Sprint

Posted By: Annie