Fun Stuff Coming This Summer to CPM!

Fun Stuff Coming This Summer to CPM!

CPMFIT Kids Coming This Summer!

Coming this June and July…. CPMFIT Kids! Get your kids off the couch and their devices and into the gym. We will motivate, build self-confidence and have a lot of fun during our 6 week kids program.

What: 6 Weeks of the CPM classes you love tailored to fit your kids active lifestyle.

Age: 8 – 12 years old

Date: June 13th – July 27th (no classes week of July 4th)

Day & Time: Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30 am – 11:15 am

Cost: $115 + tax for 1 kid
$199 + tax for 2 kids

* Class size is limited to 16 kids.
* Registration closes May 23rd.

CPMFIT Family Workout

We will be kicking off our CPMFIT Kids program with a CPM Family workout on Saturday, June 11th at 9:30 am! If your kids are curious about CPM but not convinced, this is a great opportunity for them to try out a class with you.

Spouses, kids and special friends are all welcome. Cost is $5 per family member. CPM members can use a class from their membership OR they can choose to pay the $5 and get to the gym for an extra class that week.

We need you to create a user account for each member of your family attending the workout and complete the Parent/Guardian Waiver for the kiddos. Here is a LINK to our website to get you started. Then sign yourself and your family members in for the CPM FIT Family class at 9:30 am.


Holiday Schedule

Memorial Day – Monday, May 30th
8:30 am – CPM Grind
9:30 am – CPM Grind

Which CPM location you ask? That’s up to you CPM members. We want your vote…. Murph at CPM Western Mall (the usual)? Murph at CPM DTSF? If the weather is nice boy it would be nice to run outside! Look for a place to cast your vote at the gym soon!


Are You  A Motivator?

Chris shared an article with us coaches the other day that discussed the everyday thoughts of humans. It said people are thinking and talking about one of four things…Things (envy), People (gossip), Thoughts (anger), Growth (aspiration). It got me thinking about what I do and how it relates to my job at CPM, in particular coaching. Which of those do I focus on the most? Am I spending time with the right people to keep my focus in the right direction? The article said to take notice of what the people around you are talking about. If it is one of the first 3 then you are not spending your time with the right people.

I figure there are 2 types of people in my life, those that support my life with CPM and those that don’t. CPM makes me happy, healthy, feel good, eat better and work harder. CPM makes me think about growth. Do I get a little envious when I see the FitChics with their new Lulu tights? Absolutely! But I’m only human. I find myself spending more and more time with those that support my gym life and goals. In fact, a lot of my close friends are CPM members. So does your spouse support your exercise habits? Your friends? If they don’t, why not? Negative thoughts spread like cancer. It takes work to avoid negative thoughts and even more work to avoid negative people. When you find yourself in a rut, spend some time with the most positive people you know. If you aren’t sure who that is, get to the gym…. CPM members are the most positive people around 🙂


The Oboard Says..

Part A.
Accumulate Hollow Hold
*you break 10 Jumping Jacks

Part B.
1RM clean and jerk

Part C.
4 rounds for time:
12 DB Clean and Jerks
400m run
*15 minute cap

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