Fun Workout Ideas For You and Your Loved One …

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner here are some fun ways to stay fit and be loving all at the same time …

Working out with your special someone won’t just make you fit, it will make you fit better together. 

Exercise is shown to actually have a physical and emotional benefit to you and your loved one. You can share a fun experience together and release some endorphins which is always the perfect ingredient for all relationships.

Now you can look forward to the gym or your activity, because it is shared with your loved one. (It also makes the time fly by).

Working out together will carry over to many other aspects of your relationship you will be more likely to eat better, be on the same sleep schedule, and look and feel better about yourself which is going to make you feel more attractive to your spouse as well!

Here are some exercises you and your partner can do together to get fit and keep the love strong:

  1. Couples Pushups – 
  2. Partner Situp
  3. Junk Yard Dog 
  4. Partner leg raises
  5. Enjoying a walk, run, bike ride together where you can get that heart rate up and have a little date all at once. 

They are simple effective exercises that can be done any where which is the best part!

Happy Valentine’s Day from CPMFITness

The Oboard Says…

2 Strict Press
Immediately to…
2 Push Press
Immediately to…
2 Push Jerk / Split Jerk

Rest 2 min

6 Rounds for Time
4 Burpees
8 Shoulder to OH
12 KB Swings
30 Doubles

Posted by: Annie