Get More Out of Life CPM ….

Get More Out of Life CPM ….

I here people talk about wishing they need more in life i.e. happiness, wealth, time, etc … Well here are some great tools, resources, and steps to get exactly that!

1. Log your time. Lots of people tell me they “Don’t have enough time” …Well PROVE IT! Chances are after logging you will see you have a lot more time than you think! Use this helpful “Time Logger” Embrace the process and see where your time goes. See if that matches up with how you’d like to be spending your time.

2. Work on your Dream Building. Make a good long list or board of anything you’d like to do or have more of in your life.When you put things on paper it becomes a part of your sub conscience and the more you look the more you are apt to get it!

3. Prune tasks that don’t serve you – Why are you wasting time on trying to do it all? Start to look at your schedule and see where you could really grow excel and succeed and then start pruning the things around it! For example, if you hate grocery shopping order your groceries online. If you hate to cook get a meal delivery service. If you don’t like to workout hire a personal trainer. If you don’t enjoy numbers hire a bookkeeper to manage the books …etc.. Now you are free’d up to do the things and tasks that serve you and the people around you!

4. Make Sure You Are Having Fun – Schedule in something you want to do for you each day: a manicure, a walk with a friend, a happy hour, a cooking class etc .. The more you treat this like an appointment the more it is apt to happen. When you include friends and family you are now committing to someone else that you will do it too! For most people it is hard to make time for ourselves, but you need to fill up your cup so you are the best to everyone around you!

5. Take it One Step at a Time; We are all guilty of having a TDL that is unrealistic and overwhelming! Keep your list to 5 items or less, starting with the item that will serve you most! Feeling accomplished is a great way to keep you motivated to continue to attack those tasks.

6. Positively Nourish Your Body: Choose a simple habit to work on each week to keep you feeling great on the inside and out. Start with drinking more water, then eating more veggies, being active for 20+ minutes a day! A little goes a long way and it doesn’t take much to get a lot! A lot of eating is more mindless than we think. Put fruit in a bowl on the counter, and move chips and candy to a hidden high shelf Over time, these choices add up and replace the bad habits for the good!

7. Be Grateful to Get Out of Bed: Anticipation makes us into morning people. I remember listening to an interview with Puff Daddy and he said it was hard for him to sleep, because he was so excited to get to work in the morning. What would make your morning so exciting that you’d be happy to get out of bed? The first thing I do when I wake up is immediately say 5 things I am grateful for first thing and it really helps put things in perspective right from the start! Design a morning routine that gets you excited to start the day. This helps you focus on things you want to do, rather than your obligations or things you have to do.

8. Surrond Yourself with Positivity and Growth – You are a representation of the top 5 people you surround yourself with .. Who are you interacting with daily? Are they positive uplifting, motivating etc… Or do they bog you down, make you feel negatively towards life. If the later is the case, “Drop it like its hot”! I hide people that don’t serve me on Facebook, I limit t.v. to things that enhance me. I listen to leadership podcasts, empowering individuals, and people who I want to be around on a constant basis.

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
1 Snatch – 1 Overhead Squat
1 Squat Snatch

Part B:
5 Rounds (every 3 minutes)
300 m Run
10 Power Snatch (95/65)
Score: slowest round

Posted By: Annie