Get off the Couch and….

Get off the Couch and….

When talking about mobility we need to ask ourselves 2 questions…

  1. Do I have the range of motion required to do the things a human is supposed to be able to do?
  2. Do I have the motor control or technique to control that range of motion?

But let’s face it ‘stretching’ is the most fun part of getting healthy, fit, strong and pain free. So let’s find mobility exercises that give us the…

a. Most bang for our buck #effective
b. It must be simple #notEasy
c. Be accessible for us to do it anywhere #convenience

Consider the couch stretch one of those exercises that checks the box all of the following above.

  1. Beginner = put the rear foot on a bench to take pressure off the foot and allow you to focus on the hip;
  2. Intermediate = rear foot is flat on wall or toes are curled (more more quad) squeeze glute; front leg is 90 degrees
  3. Advanced = rear foot is flat, squeeze glutei; front leg is straight, squeeze quad!


  1. For the Starters = 1x – 2x sets of 60sec – 90sec
  2. If you want to get Aggressive = 10 minutes a day!

Improve you workouts, move with less restriction, and just feel better everyday… Get off the couch and do the couch stretch!

Today’s Workout is…

5 Rounds for Time:
15 KB Swings
20 OH Walking lunges
15 Box jump and over

Post by Chris;
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