Get The Most Out of CPMFITness ….

For most of us working out can be a great way to start the day, a good lunch break, or a eventful way to close out the day. For others it can be mundane, grueling, not a priority, etc…

So how do you get the most out of your gym environments day in and day out with out getting burned or bored in the process?

#1 Be the biggest cheerleader …. When you cheer others on you get pumped up yourself. When you help others you get just as much at it is a they do. You always become a role model to others which helps keep you accountable and always raising the bar for yourself.

#2 Be the best student: Look at workouts before you come to class, watch videos for tips and tricks on movements, pay close attention to the coaches and think of fun ways to strategize the workout. This way you will take a professional approach to your fitness, and become very efficient with movements, technique, and you will have fun. I used to call it “playing with the buttons”. When I was running on the treadmill a lot the only way I could get through the workouts was to play with the buttons. Same with strategizing the workouts, now your focus is on the strategy more than the pain or length of the workout.

#3 Get Involved: The more involved you are in your gym the more skin you have in the game. You are less likely to avoid the one place people are counting on you to be. Get a workout group, find a friend or colleague to meet up with, be a part of challenges and activities. The more you are there the more you will not want to let yourself off the hook.

#4 Use Your Coach or Trainer to Your Advantage: We love to help so make sure you are utilizing us to the fullest! Ask us about nutrition, mobility, an article you came across, how to take a movement to the next level, how to scale a movement etc… The more you talk to us the more you will trust us and really see the value and stick with it!

#5 Last But Certainly Not Least Have Fun : Come to class with a positive attitude embrace your community and make the most of “your” time! At CPMFITNess we have a saying “fun is first”. If you are not having fun what’s the point. We get boggled down from our jobs, families, etc.. so the last thing you want is to have your gym feel like another daunting task. Make friends, bring a smile when you walk in, be social. We always have a warmup time in class, yes this is a great time to warm up the body and get you ready for the movements in the workout but more importantly it is a time to catch up with friends, get to know new people, and socialize with your trainers too. The more fun we have the more infectious that trait becomes and if everyone is positive, fun – loving, encouraging, and happy who wouldn’t want to be involved.

What is your favorite part of CPMFITness?

Post your answers in the comments below ….

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP 10 min
10 Double Unders
1 Pullup (strict)
*add 10 DU’s and 1 Pullup each next rd.
—– 2 min rest ———
AMRAP 10min
1 Wall Ball
1 Box Jump
*Add 1 Wall Ball and 1 Box Jump each next rd.
——– 2 min rest ——-
AMRAP 10 min
25m row
1 Burpee
*Add 25m and 1 Burpee each next rd.

Posted by: Annie