Get Your DEETS: Sleigh the Rower and Sweatshirt Order!

CPM Sleigh the Rower 2.0

After reading the blog by Stets the other night, I can’t come up with a good reason not to participate in CPM Sleigh the Rower 2.0. I completed the challenge last year and rowed almost 30,000 meters more than my goal.  I think you all will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your meters add up. Gosh, I hope I don’t lose any weight during this challenge, SAID NO ONE EVER! Enjoy Thanksgiving knowing you are going to be burning some serious calories in the rowing challenge. You can find all of the details HERE and HERE. Get signed up today!

Fit Chic CPMFITness Sweatshirt Order

Thanks to an overwhelming demand and request for them, we are putting in our first Fit Chic CPMFITness Sweatshirt order. Courtesy of the Bridal Gallery, these zip up hoodies are not only super comfortable with their organic cotton material but they look great out of the gym too. They are also a great Christmas Gift for yourself or for someone you love.

They are available in Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL. (FYI, Annie has a medium).
Here is a color sheet for you to find the color that best suites you:
 sweatshirt colors .jpg

You have until Monday, November 24th to order. Don’t hesitate and get your order in with one of the coaches today. We will be finalizing orders o so get them in before its too late!

Coming Soon!

We will be doing another jump rope and supplement order.  An email will be hitting your inbox tomorrow!  Rumor has it we’ve got some wicked thermals coming too 🙂

And now another edition of….

Reflections, by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFitness.

  1. CPM got some new wallballs this week including a 30 POUNDER! A good friend of mine came up with a great way for us women to use this ball…Throw and Run! Seriously, I love wallballs though and so does Chris.  In fact, he is going to try something new with the 30 pound ball this Friday.  Click HERE to see!
  2. I’ve calculated the Annie to Emily ratio for the Filthy 50 workout.  It’s 1 to 2, which means she finished twice as fast as I did. *Sigh*
  3. The other day Stets told us to “keep our shoulders feet width apart” on backsquats.  Think about that for a few seconds 😕
  4. Chris imposed a 15 burpee penalty on the noon class this Tuesday when 3 clients showed up late.  Here’s the catch, the 3 latecomers didn’t have to do the burpees but instead had to cheer the rest of us on. That is messed up, Chris Mello!
  5. It can be intimidating to walk into our gym for several reasons.  I came across this quote the other day and really liked it.  “When other people have a perception of you, live up to it.” All of our members have enviable qualities and I think it’s important to remember that each of us is awesome in our own way.

The O-Board Says…

1 mile run then…

20 8 ct body builder
20 Hspu/triangle pushup
20 jump squat

then … 1 mile run

Posted by: Emily