#get2thegym in January 2017

#get2thegym in January 2017

2017 is going to be your best FITness Year yet!


Our classes are the best! Our coaches are the best! And our members are the best!

Since July, we have incorporated Personal Training as our new method to onboard prospective clients into the gym… And it is going GREAT! Our fundamentals program has resulted in clients building a solid-trusting relationship with their coach, learning the mechanics + progressions to our complex movements, the terminology to our crazy acronyms, identifying their strengths and weaknesses to work on.

Our goal at CPMFITness is very simple:

Create a Fun + Effective + Sustainable program to make you the Fittest and Healthiest members in the city of Sioux Falls.


Our Personal Training sessions with a coach is build around 3 Pillars for Success.

AMRAP? ETOTM? Rx’d? Snatch? Jerk? What weight should I use? How do you do ___? Are all very common questions when you started out at CPM. Other things that were foreign to you… Learning the flow of classes and the culture and comradie of the members and community. How about your capabilities? We all have more capacity in us they we think we do. Our coaching sessions will draw that out of you right away so you can take more advantage of every class you take.

Our workouts look like sport. They are competitive, intense, scored and measured. Like any sport the better skilled you are; and the better mechanics you have; the better results you will garner. Our coaches are excellent at breaking down complex movements into simple steps. And awesome at providing effective and intelligent modifications that match your ability level. Down the road this will improve your skills and progress you up to the prescribed movements.

A great Coach will challenge you, measure your progress, keep on you to improve and help you bust through plateaus when you need too most! We (the coaches) know what it takes to succeed, practice what we preach and started from Day 1 just like you. Your coach will be there to educate, guide and support you to continual SUSTAINABLE results. All while having a great time in the process!

With that, I’m excited to introduce our upcoming Promotion in January to kick of 2017!



2017 is not only our upcoming year but also your cheat code to CPM’s Best Practices.

20 – Classes Attended in a month
17 – Compliant meals a week.

What if you started out this upcoming with those metrics? What if you continued to hit your goals every month of this next year? What if this is your year of transformation?

I challenge you to take advantage of this opportunity and transform your 2017! We can get you there all you have to do is….


The O-Board Says…

A. Core Up for 10 Minutes
(30 sec on; 30 sec off)
ODD; Hollow Hold
EVEN; Arch Hold

B. AMRAP 20min:
5 Box Jumps
10 push-ups
15 squats
20 pulls on the rower (for cals)

Score is total calories rowed.

Post by Chris; follow me on snapchat; mr.cpm