Getting Results…

Everyone involved with CPMFITness comes here for one BIG reason… To get a RESULT!

One of the topics that comes up the most frequently during our nutrition and quarterly check in’s as of late is lack of time. Most of us knows what it takes to be healthy, fit and strong. The problem is not the know how. The problem is the doing. With summer literally around the corner it appears that most of us feel more and more strapped for time.

Stets wrote a great blog about perspective on TIME a couple of weeks ago. Today I’d like to cover some specific ideas you can implement to take what you know and actually put it into action.

Schedule your FITness as if it were a Part Time Job. 
Most all of us work. We work to make an income to allow the quality of life we have. If we don’t work we don’t get paid. You miss one paycheck you will have a direct effect to your lifestyle. For our FITness it works the same way. The problem is we won’t necessarily feel the same type of impact in the same timeframe. Nevertheless, when we take the same approach with our time for our financial income that we do with our ‘FITness Income’ we begin to run out of excuses for not making it to workouts and end up stringing together weeks, months and years of consistent attendance which results in looking, feeling and performing much better than we ever thought possible.

You are used to having your time scheduled for you if you work for someone else (your boss). The result is you spend most of your time and energy towards your regular job and will work on your health when it is convenient. And convenience usually doesn’t equal consistent. You almost have to schedule your FITness like a job and you are an employee of it. So take you calendar and cross off your 8a-5p schedule, your workouts, then schedule when you are going to grocery shop and finally when and how many times (appointments) you need to prepare your meals in advance. Stick to the schedule and fill in everything else around it.

Find a Mentor and have them help hold you accountable. 
Everyone that is successful has a recipe. And it’s nothing more than learning the recipe of success. Find someone you look up to that you can model and have mentor you. Maybe it’s your coach at CPM, maybe its a family member, a neighbor, someone you work with and ask them to help hold you accountable. And it’s more about checking in with them when you don’t do something. It’s easy to report what you do well, the real growth comes when you learn from your failures or mistakes.

NEVER miss Workouts!
Our memberships are based on how many classes you commit to per week for a reason… Stay Consistent! Have your schedule set (#2) and don’t schedule something in it’s place. Things happen. Life get’s in the way. Kids, job, homework, car trouble, tired, stress, every roadblock that comes in your way is supposed too. Life will test you and your commitment, and it is your job to figure it out! When I am faced with a problem and it ‘feels’ like there is no possible solution I always ask myself one or two questions,

“How can I….”
“If I could do it, what would I do”?

And usually the first time I ask it, I draw a blank. So, I ask myself again. And again.. And again. And continue to ask myself until I get the right answer. And believe it or not… It works! Everytime.

Be TOTALLY Positive… All the Time!
When all else fails there are 2 things you can control in your life. You have total control over your attitude and activity. You show me someone who is totally positive and works hard you have 90% of the population beat.

Here is the big thing about being positive; Is what I am saying (doing) serving me or the people around me? Are you a hindrance to others? Or helping?

How is that No Negativity Diet going from last week?

The O-Board Says…

Wall Balls
Over Bar Burpees
Overhead Squats

Post by Chris.