Getting the Most Out of Your Food.

Don’t you hate when you go to cook a nice steak and look at the label and it says it has expired? But it still looks perfectly good to eat but you don’t want to take the chance….

Or do you wonder why sometimes you get vegetables and they say they are still good but they are not?

Well here are some helpful tips to keep your food at its best for as long as possible. If you keep proper storage and use these tips and tricks you can know what you are eating is not going to effect you in a negative way…..

Have you ever tested your food to see what actually happens if you do not consume it by the time it expires? For example what if you have a jar of mayonnaise and the expiration is on September 26th, what happens on September 27th? What if it is still perfectly good mayo do you throw it out? You have a very good indicator if your food is still good it’s called your nose and eyes. If something does not smell good it probably isn’t. If your meat is discolored or there is mold on an item in your fridge toss it. If your veggies are gooey or brown do eat them!

Meat. Refrigerate 32 and 34 degrees, lower than the generally recommended 40 degrees. This gives meat a 50 percent longer shelf life.

Milk: Buy almond or coconut milk it not only lasts longer but it is much better for you too. (click on the list to see why).

Canned Vegetables:  The label generally gives a shelf life of about three years. If you keep cans in a cool place (not above the stove) they will last about seven years. Always discard dented cans. When all else fails open and test.

Frozen Foods: This is another good way to preserve meat. never look at the dates. Freezing kills all of the microbes that cause spoilage, just make sure to keep your foods packaged properly so they don’t get freezer burned.

Eggs. Place in a bowl of water. If an egg floats, it’s gone bad, but if it sinks, it’s still edible, even if that expiration date passed you by weeks ago.

Packaged greens. If your lettuce is wilted but not visibly decayed, you can revive it by soaking in ice water for about 10 minutes.

Now you have all the tools you need to keep your food lasting to its full potential!

Today’s Workout:

A. Strength: EMOTM 10 minutes
Perform 1x Snatch + 3x Overhead Squat

B. Complete 10 rounds of the following…
Even: 30 sec max KB snatch (24kg/16kg)
Odd: Max Double Unders

C. ‘6 pack city’
Break up as needed:
50x toes to bar
50 evil wheels

Post by Annie.