Getting to the CORE (values) of CPMFITness….

Getting to the CORE (values) of CPMFITness….

With Sunshine and Spring finally arriving in Sioux Falls they are lots of talk around town about exercising and finding the right gym for it.

I’ve heard there are 74 gyms in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area. So with Health and FITness is on the mind of most everyone this time of the year… Why would someone choose CPMFITness over another gym?

What makes us so different vs. the 73 other gyms around town? Check out our 10 Core Values we have for our coaches…

1️⃣Attitude isn’t everything but it definitely is the 1st thing.

2️⃣Listen more than we talk.

3️⃣Room for improvement, not excuses.

4️⃣ABL – Always Be Learning
5️⃣Praise in public and challenge in private.

6️⃣Every class is recess #adultPlayground.

7️⃣It’s about them, not you.

8️⃣Be a follow up fanatic
9️⃣No Selling and Only Serving
🔟We know what you really WANT (see below:-)


See you at the gym….

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP 25min
10 Deck Squats
20 DB Thrusters
10 Ring Dips
20 Ball Slams

Post by Chris; follow me on snapchat; mr.cpm