Goals, Goals, Goals, !!!!

Goals, Goals, Goals, !!!!

Here is a great post for the 5 great ways to reach your goals successfully and efficiently.

Have a game plan. This is a big one. Everyone can set goals, not everyone can attain them. Make a game plan for your road to success. If you know you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle, create a game plan or a system that will allow you to be successful (like whole 30, or whole life challenge etc ..)
Avoid distractions. There are tons of distractions in life and if you stop to address each one of them then you will never have the time or the energy to accomplish your intended goal. When you set your goal, be determined and resolute to accomplish it. Don’t let anything else get in your way!
Create a support group. This is so important when working towards a goal. As much as we would like to believe we have super human powers, we all need support. This is especially true when we are trying to accomplish something that may be out of our comfort zone. Talk to your friends and family about the goal you have set for yourself and ask for their support. Then, in times when your own will power may be wavering, your support group can bolster you up.
Keep it simple! Too often I see goals set that are way too complex, and frankly, unachievable. Keep the goal simple and achievable. If I were to ask you, on a scale of 1-10, how confident you feel about attaining your goal, I should hear you say 11! If you set realistic goals then you create an environment of success that continues to build. Many achievable, small goals turn into one large achievement. Start with eating a healthier breakfast, being active 20 minutes a day etc …
Stay positive. It is easy to get down on ourselves if we did not follow our game plan 100% or if we missed the target date set for our goal. Do everything in your power from giving into discouragement. This is the enemy! Acknowledge the misstep, then move on. The more you dwell on your perceived misstep, the more it can hinder your success.

Now that you know how to successfully accomplish goals, it is time to reevaluate them and/or create them.


The O-Board Says…

A. EMOTM 8 minutes
Odd – 10 Frankenstein Squats
Even – 45-sec bar hang

B: For Time:
100 Double Unders
30-front squats
100 Double Unders

Posted By: Annie