Going Deeper with your Body… #joints

Going Deeper with your Body… #joints

We all know you can only be as strong as your weakest link. And we all want to work out hard to feel accomplished, challenge ourselves and get awesome results. It’s fun, exciting and motivating to train with INTENSITY! However as we age we must think and act responsibly with our bodies so we can train hard and effective for the long haul. One of the most under-trained parts of our body is our joints!

Why should we focus and train our joints?



Joints are the foundation of our bodies infrastructure.

Good News: When healthy and adequately prepared we can train harder, longer, with less soreness, have better recovery, age more gracefully and protect ourselves from most injuries.

Not so Good News: Joints, tissues (like tendons and ligaments) are dense. They receive less blood flow so it takes them longer to rebuild after a workout. They can and do get stronger, but it requires methodical, consistent work over a longer stretch of time than muscles require. Also when are joints are injured, we’re looking at serious recovery time; think (bicep tendon, ACL, labrum to name a few).

How to Train + Strengthen Your Joints

I. Low Intensity Insures Safety. Lots of reps with less weight. Think 20, 30, 40, 50+ reps until you really feel the burn. Enough to challenge these denser, less adaptive tissues after multiple reps. Should be very easy first few reps.

II. Consistency is necessary for improvement. Your connective tissues do get stronger, but our bodies are lazy. It doesn’t want to change when change takes resources away from other functions. So it will take a longer period of time then most would typically like. Think months and years, not weeks;-O

The O-Board Says…

10 Rounds for Time
11 Pullups (C2B)
22 KB Goblet Squats
*3min do a 200m Run*

*Last did = 12/14/16*

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