It’s Good To Be Back on The WLC!

It’s Good To Be Back on The WLC!

Whole Life Challenge 2017

You can still get in on this challenge!

Follow these simple steps to join us in this challenge:

  1. WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE – Everything you need to know about the Whole Life Challenge can be found here.
  2. REGISTER – This is a direct link to Whole Life Challenge registration page. Click it and sign up today!
  3. Join Our Team – After registration, search for our team page: CPMFITness. Invite your friends, neighbors and family to join our team also. They do not need to be CPM members to participate.

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It Feels Good To Be Back!

It feels REALLY good to be back on the Whole Life Challenge. I’ve quickly noticed that I missed the mobility piece. Why did I stop stretching? Not sure but it was the first thing to go when I got busy with the holidays. Only 5 days into the challenge and my hips and shoulders are feeling much better. BUT here’s the kicker… I’m leaving for vacation next week. Can I fit the WLC into my vacation?

  • Sleep – yep, that won’t be a problem
  • Water – also, no big deal
  • Mobility – umm…. maybe?
  • Exercise – yes, I’m planning to get some workouts in
  • Nutrition – probably not… planning on having more than one drink in a week 🙂 But I’ll try my best!
  • Lifestyle – will depend on what it is
  • Reflect – I can do that

During the last challenge, I noticed a few members were very successful in being WLC compliant while on vacation so that gives me some hope! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Have a GREAT week CPM friends!


The Oboard Says…
2 Rounds for Reps:
AMRAP 3 minutes
20 Box Jumps Overs
MAX Power Cleans
AMRAP 4 minutes
30 Row for Cal
MAX Push-ups
AMRAP 5 minutes
40 Wtd Step Up’s (DB)
MAX DB Snatch
*Rest 2 minutes between rounds
Posted by: Emily