Calling All You Challenge Junkies…

Calling All You Challenge Junkies…

Everything we undertake in life has a beginning and an end. Typically, we are excited at the beginning of an opportunity, a relationship, or a venture; we’re also happy when we can celebrate our achievement and have the satisfaction of a fulfilled desire. But between the beginning and the end, every situation has a “middle”—and the middle is where we often face our greatest challenges.

Between our beginnings and our endings, we must develop the determination necessary to overcome the difficult circumstances we encounter in the middle. We can be people who finish what we begin.

My big question I’ve been asking around the gym the last couple weeks is, “How is life after the challenge?” I get a variety of responses.

“I feel off the wagon.”
“During the week is good, but I fall apart on the weekends.”
“I’m doing better than I thought.”

You may be in the middle of something right now. Life has a way of throwing you curve balls (work, family, kids, responsibilities, over-scheduled, the weather, etc…). Whatever you find yourself in the middle of, ask yourself, ‘What matters most?’ Because what matters… Matters! Re-set your focus just like you did when you were successful because that is why you were successful. When you do you will find the strength, wisdom and discipline yourself all over again.

The ones who are successful in life simply go through this process. They don’t ignore their natural human feelings they find a way to move towards discipline and minimize distraction.

The O-Board Says…

5 Rounds for Time:
800m run
30 KB Swings
30 Pull-Up ‘s
*35min (HARD Cap)*

Post by Chris; @cmoknows