Got Yoga FIT? Why It’s Different…

I will be honest. When I am watching someone do their initial baseline or attend their first class, I judge them.

Yes, I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself.

I judge the way they move. Can they stay on their heels and push their knees out when they squat? Can they do a pass through correctly? What does their wall squat look like? Do I dare peak at their sotts press?!?! Then I look at what shoes they are wearing, LOL!

If I had to pick the number 1 most important physical characteristic in training to improve your FITness and performance, it is by far and away…


If your body can’t get into proper full-range-functional positions and you decide to continue moving, you will push past your flexibility limit and your body will end up compensating (note to self that is bad).

-Ever squat on your toes?
-Do your wrists hurt when you do weight overhead?
-Does your low back ever give you problems?
-Can you complete an Overhead squat at 95# (or 65# for women) 15 times?

The list can go on and on…

It will not only damage your muscles, joints and tendons if you are not functionally flexible, but it limits your strength and athletic ability.

Think about it?

If you can’t do a full range of motion squat you are unable to access all of your gluteus, hamstrings and quads which means you are only using a % of your full potential. Therefore by increasing your flexibility in the squat you can actually access more of your ‘already there strength’ and become stronger without squatting… COOL! Talk about working smarter and not harder.

I can remember the first time I did yoga. I was 16 years old and I read about a few professional basketball players that were incorporating yoga into their training to help improve athletic ability, recovery and help them play longer into their careers. Most notably, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a big advocate of yoga throughout his career and was the NBA’s all-time leader in points scored, games played, minutes played.

Since then, I have off and on attended yoga class, used DVDs, and have seen great benefits the more consistent I was. I would hate yoga during the session, then I would love how I felt after. But the more consistent I became, I would continue to feel better and better after each session, and it became easier and more motivating to do it.

I notice a major difference in my workouts and my recovery when I am consistently doing yoga and when I’m not. I have been training with CrossFit, O-Lifting, Gymnastics and various recreational sports for most of my life. I have coached hundreds of athletes and everyday people. I have seen a great number of people get injured or have constant aches and pains over the years.  I honestly can’t remember being injured. I don’t need to tape my wrists. I rarely pull a muscle. I have never missed a week of workouts due to injury or soreness. I know I can attribute it to my yoga/mobility routine.

Muscles are designed to be lean, long and strong. When we workout, play sports, sit in chairs/cars/couch we beat up and impose stress on our bodies. Overtime if we don’t take care of our stressed bodies and bring  them back to balance our muscles, ligaments and tendons will continue to shorten over time. The more they shorten and the longer they stay that way the harder it will be to get them back to a healthy functional state.

We have a rare opportunity with Annie teaching our Yoga FIT classes at CPMFITness. Annie has learned how yoga can complement our training. She has a CrossFit, athletic and performance background prior to learning about yoga. That is a true advantage because she has the ability to translate performance and training into her yoga vs. the other way around. Regardless of your training style our Yoga FIT practice not only helps bring your body back to balance but helps improves you to become optimal.

If you have questions and/or interested in attending her class email me at

Post by Chris.