Groups and Their Identities

I’ve been reading lately about why people do what they do and why they are the way they are.  I personally find it very interesting how we’ve developed into the people we are today.  My big question has been, “Why do I (or anyone else) do the things I do?”  I’m talking about our behaviors.  Why do I work out each week?  Why do I eat the way I do?  And so on and so forth.

There are a Couple of Reasons

First, our beliefs have a great deal of power to create habits that we stick to over the long term.  If I believe that eating a certain way will be better for me, if I convince my mind that without a doubt if I eat this way that I’ll be more healthy, then I’m going to start eating that way.  Emotion doesn’t quite have the same staying power.  Our emotions come and go and are always changing or fluctuating.  We may act on them briefly, but when they change we quickly forget.  Belief is much more powerful.

Second, our environment plays a big role on our behaviors.  Which would you assume would be more powerful at shaping our behavior?

Does Environment Affect Beliefs?

To me this simple question reveals the answer rapidly.  We can’t argue that they environments we spend our time in don’t shape our beliefs.  Therefore, environment in my opinion is the more powerful behavior shaper.

I am referring to environment as the people/places you spend the most time interacting with.

Here are some interesting ideas that have come to mind as I’ve started to read about behavior.

  • Groups often have a set of actions and beliefs that identify who they are.  Think about this with the corporate culture at your workplace.  It will be really apparent if you’ve changed jobs in your lifetime and especially if you’ve changed careers
  • We as individuals will likely adopt the behaviors of the groups/communities to which we belong

What Identity do YOU Want For Yourself?

Think about this: Want to work out more?  Then you should become part of a group who thinks working out is a normal thing to do every day.  Working out is not a goal, or an occasion, or a resolution for them.  It’s their lifestyle.  They do it because it’s what they do (they’ve probably got some firm beliefs about why working out is important) every day.  It is normal and accepted and if you’re part of that group, you’re going to work out more.

Take this and apply it to anything.  Want to do better work?  Want to spend more time outside?  Find groups who care deeply about their work and don’t just punch a timecard or find a group who avidly loves the outdoors.  Infiltrate those groups and pay close attention to your behaviors.

I’ll Be Honest

I think we’ve got a killer group of fitness aficionados here at CPM.  You all keep me wanting to stay on top of my fitness!  Keep it up.

The O-Board Says…

A. The Baseline

B. 1 Minute Each Station for 5 Rounds
Box Jumps
Walking Lunge w/ PVC Across Back

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