Guess Who’s Back???

Back in December of last year. Annie and I sat down at a coffee shop in Studio City, CA to start our goal setting for 2013. We concluded our session by deciding 2013 will be the year of BOLD MOVES. Now as prepared as I thought I was, I never imagined how BOLD our 2013 was actually going to be… From leaving a thriving-growing CrossFit community (again), to moving (twice; once half way across the country… again!), to deciding to start up a gym in California and the adventure and challenges that occurred with it, to finally realizing that everything we wanted out of life is right where we left it about 2.5 years ago… back in Sioux Falls South Dakota!

It took a lot of No’s to get us to where we are today. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and it’s not the problem(s) that are the problem it’s the way you handle and react to the situations life gives you that will make you or break you.

With all that said I am happy to formally announce that Chris and Annie Mello have officially relocated back to Sioux Falls, SD! We are in the process of starting CPMFITness “more than a gym” and will officially open it’s doors to the public in August 2013.

CPMFITness will offer the best of the best in group FITness classes, one to one coaching, goal setting, nutritional coaching and accountability systems. We believe in creating an atmosphere and an environment to thrive. This is more than just a place to come get a good sweat. We are like a school; a School of Elite Fitness. And, our program can help you regardless of your level of ability or knowledge. Come get your diploma in functional fitness!