Gym Rat Chit Chat Episode 2 – Lisa Zahn

Gym Rat Chit Chat Episode 2 – Lisa Zahn

Episode 2

In my second episode of Gym Rat Chit Chat, I am talking to Lisa Zahn. Lisa has been a member of CPMFITness for a while now and has recently transitioned into a coaching position with us. I am honored to consider her a great friend. Fun fact, Lisa is the most competitive, non-competitive person I know ?   If you are looking for good movement progressions, Lisa is your girl. She’s like a walking gym encyclopedia and we are very fortunate to have her as a member and coach!  Thank you Lisa for sharing your time with me and for making my gym experience a really great one ?

In this episode, I asked Lisa…

  • Are you competitive?
  • Who is your favorite athlete and why?
  • Do you really drink two Caribou lattes every day???
  • What/who makes you laugh at the gym?
  • What makes you mad?

Click below to watch my interview with Lisa! And don’t worry guys, I’ll get a microphone going… I know it’s hard to hear. I’m an amateur ?




The Oboard Says..
Tabata Fight Gone Bad
Dumbbell Snatch
Handstand Hold
Thruster (75/55)
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