Gym Rat Chit Chat Episode #8 – The Blondes

Gym Rat Chit Chat Episode #8 – The Blondes

Episode 8

I’ve been trying to schedule a time to interview Brooke and Alicia for a while now. You don’t always see them together at CPM but often times you do. Brooke and Alicia are the blonde bombshells that walk into the gym all chill but turn into tornados once the workout starts. They both have their own individual strengths which have developed since they’ve been at CPM. Brooke is a rockstar coach on Saturday mornings and Alicia is now working out with her husband, Reed, and trust me, they are a rockstar couple! I had a blast interviewing these two…. enjoy!

In this episode, I asked Brooke and Alicia …

  • How did you two become friends?
  • Who found CPM first?
  • Does it make you mad when one of you can do a movement that they other cannot?
  • Do you like a busy class or a small class?
  • What is your favorite workout? Least favorite?
  • Alicia – is Brooke your favorite coach?
  • Brooke – is Alicia easy to coach?

Answers to these questions and more in this week’s episode of Gym Rat Chit Chat. Click below to check it out!


The Oboard Says..
10 Toe 2 Bar
20 Ball Slams
30 KB Swings
40 Doubles
Every 4 minutes 10 Weighted Step Ups w/ KB

Posted by: Emily