Gym Rat Chit Chat Episode #9 – Becky, Babs, Buck Norris

Gym Rat Chit Chat Episode #9 – Becky, Babs, Buck Norris

Episode 9

Have you ever noticed the fit blonde bombshell that flies through workouts like they are no big deal? That’s Becky Brost. Also knows as Babs (Bad Ass Becky) and Buck Norris (Becky/Chuck Norris). She’s not only an awesome member but she’s also one of my best friends. Becky introduced me to CPM over 4 years ago and I knew right away that if Becky liked it, I was going to love it! Becky is an original…. she started this stuff back in 2009 when Chris and Annie opened Crossfit Sioux Falls. She’s probably recorded more workouts and numbers than anyone in the gym. Ask her to show you her workout journal sometime. It’s impressive! Becky, I still dream of beating you in a chipper and I’m convinced you are super-human. (UPDATE: Becky almost lapped me in a workout last Friday while recovering from strep throat). Thank you Becky for introducing me to CPM and being a big part of why I love it so much!

In this episode, I talk to Becky about …

  • How did she discover CPM?
  • How long has she been doing workouts like this?
  • She showed me her very elaborate workout journal.
  • Why do you love CPM?
  • What is your favorite CPM workout?
  • Least favorite?

Answers to these questions and more in this week’s episode of Gym Rat Chit Chat. Click below to check it out!


The Oboard Says..
Part A:
1 Mile Run
Part B:
4 Rounds for Time
21 Wallballs
18 Cal Row
15 KB Swings

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