Halftime: Re-evaluating Yearly Goals

It’s go time with Dat Hat…

In a sporting event, the players are given a break at the half in order to refresh themselves, look at how they played in the first half, and set strategy for the second half. So as you approach halftime for this year, here are some thoughts.

How did you “play” in the first half of this year? Have you met your GOALS that you established at the beginning of the year? 
Here are a few ideas to EVALUATE where you are at with your goals as you approach the halfway mark.
Take some time to sit down alone and review your goals. How many are you on mark to make? How many have you not even begun on? How many have you achieved?

Three things have happened with your goals thus far in 2012:

You have hit some of your goals“I lost x amount of weight.” “My Fran is ____ minutes.” “I can do x amount of pullups.”
For the goals you have already reached, try to set the new goal at 100 percent of the original goal. Congrats, but you have a ton of weaknesses to attack and get better at. 
You are on pace to hit your goals“I still need to lose 15lbs for my weight goal.” “I off my back squat goal by 40lbs.” “I haven’t gotten my 1st muscle up yet.” For the GOALS you are on pace to achieve do this, stretch it about 10 percent. For example, if your original goal was 10 pullups and you have already reached 5 after halfway, stretch yourself to try to achieve 11 by the end of the year. This will give you a good reason to kick into high gear as the year progresses.

You haven’t even begun: “I haven’t even tried to do a handstand pushup in months.” I bought the Paleo book, but haven’t opened it yet, does that count?”
For those you haven’t even begun, my suggestion would be to reset your goal at 10 percent of the original goal. Obviously this goal hasn’t been a priority, for whatever reason, and most likely won’t suddenly become so. But you can make some ground. Set a small increase for the remaining six months and get ahead a little in these areas.

This time that you spend taking a look back at this year and reseting your goals will help you refocus, adjust, push yourself to a higher level and give you the opportunity attain more than you ever have. 

P.T.S on your thoughts and goal recap to the comments.