Happy Halloween CPM’ers!!

Happy Halloween CPM’ers!!

Sleigh The Rower 3.0

The annual Sleigh the Rower Challenge begins Friday, November 27th and goes through Thursday, December 24th. Start thinking about how many meters you’re going to challenge yourself to this year! Get the details HERE.

First Friday Flow DTSF – Wine Down Yoga

Our next First Friday Flow at CPM DTSF is going to be really great because you get to enjoy wine and yoga! Bring your yoga mat, wine and a friend! Mark your calendars for Friday, November 6th @ 6 pm.

Friday, October 30th Classes at Western Mall

We will not be having evening classes on Friday, October 30th at the Western Mall. The 4:45 and 5:30 classes at the downtown location are on so head downtown for a great workout!!

Reflections by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFITness.

1. If you and your partner were doing the rowing workout the right way on Monday, you should have looked a little something like this.

2. Do you love workout shoes? Somedays my biggest decision is which pair to wear. I love those days!

3. I was determined to walk away from rope climbs without a scratch this week. I came close with the exception of a tear in my left hand. Becky is showing the proper tight/sock gear for rope climbs.

4. Partner clean and jerks tomorrow are going to be FUN!! Would you rather have a partner that can lift a lot of weight (which makes you go heavier) or a partner that is fast? Click HERE to watch what we are NOT doing tomorrow.

The Oboard Says..
Part A. Clean and Jerk
3-3-3 every 75 seconds
B. AMRAP 20 minutes of:
Clean and Jerks, 20 reps
Rest 1 minute
*Partner Style*
Posted by: Emily