Happy Halloween!

We would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween.

We have lots of events in the cue… 4 Announcements Below

1). #CPMGO Party

November 16th at 5pm.

Here are all the details to SAVE THE DATE…
When: Saturday November 16th.
Time: 5pm.
Where: CPMFITness
Who: Members, Friends of Members, Family, Mall Walkers, our friends from California, Happy, Motivated, Ambitious People in Sioux Falls.

2.) CPM360 Challenge Update

Monday was another game changer for building healthy habits to lead to a successful lifestyle.  We covered the topic of time management. This information can help you in not only nutrition and a healthy lifestyle but for your FITness routine, relationships, career and success in any area you are striving for in your life.

For more content go to:
*M-A-K-E Time (yesterday’s post)
*Urgent vs. Important and Time Quadrants

Congrats to our weekly mini challenge winner Nancy Vavra. Nancy also received a high performance blender from one of our great sponsors HYVEE our favorite by the empire mall. 

We HIGHLY encourage everyone to attend our 7th and final CPM360 meeting as we discuss the ever important topic… “Life After the Challenge”.

Those that complete these types of Paleo challenges see some incredible results, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. The common fear is that we will fall back into our old ways! We have some VERY powerful strategies and words of advice to turn all of this hard work into lifestyle for PERMANENT RESULTS. 


Check out the changing room to view our latest CPM Shirt. It is a 50/50 material that is light, sporty and comfortable.

Men’s sizes are XL, L and Med
Women’s L, M and Small

$20.  Get them while they last.

4). NEXT CHALLENGE: The Holiday Rowing Challenge
(don’t worry I pondering a much cooler name for this; TBA)

Here are the quick DEETS. More info, how this will look at CPM and motivation soon…
*Commit to 100k or 200k to complete
*Starts November 29th (black Friday) – December 24th (xmas eve)
*$30 buy in. Proceeds go to the charities on Concept 2’s site.
*The rest of the details can be found HERE

All you need to know is this is going to ROCK! And when everyone (typical American) is eating themselves into a holiday food coma, you will be Rowing your way to the best Holiday body you have had yet! BOOM!

The O-Board Says…

A. 50-40-30-20-10:
Double Unders
Mtn Climbers
13 min Cap

B. EMOTM 16min
Even: 5 Front Squats
Odd: 10 Toe to Bar

Post by Chris.