Happy Valentine’s Day CPM!

Happy Valentine’s Day CPM!

Bring a Friend Week! February 21 – 27

Bring A Friend Week = Save Your Friends Week!

February marks something very important in the FITness industry… people lose their New Year’s resolution motivation and STOP coming to the gym for the rest of the year!

In the month of February 78% of Americans that started a New Year’s resolution to workout end up never going back to the gym for the rest of the year!

You workout at CPM, why? Great workouts? Awesome community? Exceptional coaches? Encouragement, support, motivation? The reasons that work for you are exactly what 78% of the population need the most. Let’s do something about it! Let’s save your friends with our upcoming Bring-A-Friend Week!

All You Need To Do:
1. Tell them (obviously necessary)
2. Convince them to come with you (jedi mind tricks are applicable here)
3. Put your name and their name on the board @ CPM (board will be ready Feb 15th)
4. Have them create an account and sign our health waiver

That’s it, couldn’t be any easier.
FYI = If your friends can’t wait, they can always come in for a Free Week Trial any time and any day. #SoonerIsAlwaysBetter

Progress Not Perfection

The challenge is over! We are really excited to see and hear about your results. Be sure to get to the gym to have your weight and pics taken any time before or after class. Great job CPM members… way to start 2016 off right!


We are really excited to announce our new rewards program, Perkville. Earn points for working out, referring friends, participating in challenges and more! You can turn those points into merchandise, free classes, cash off your monthly membership payment and even a free unlimited month with CPM. We will be launching the program February 1st so keep an eye on your inbox for information on joining the rewards program.

Emily’s Progress Not Perfection Journey
The last 5 weeks flew by. In fact, that didn’t feel like 5 weeks at all. Am I in a better place now than I was on January 8th? I think so. Here’s my take on the challenge…

1. This challenge forced me to eat 3 meals a day. I wasn’t doing that before and it definitely helped to reduce the amount of snacking I was doing between meals.
2. I kicked my workouts up a notch. If nothing else, this challenge made me focus on the purpose of my workouts. Am I going heavy today, am I going fast? I tried to focus on the goal of the workout and get after it.
3. Lattes… My plan was to eliminate the dairy from coffee during the challenge. Unfortunately I didn’t and I believe this could be a big reason why I didn’t get to where I wanted to be at the end of PNP.
4. Night time snacks… Definitely not eating as many handfuls of chocolate and pecans after dinner. I still did it though so possibly another reason I wasn’t as successful in the challenge as I wanted to be.

So what is my plan now? Well, I’m leaving for Jamaica in less than a month so I have a lot of motivation to slim down for the bikini!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s results from Progress Not Perfection. I could see the differences in members skin, weight and overall attitudes. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

The Oboard Says..
For Time:
*400m Run between rounds
Posted by: Emily