Have A Healthy Relationship With Food ….

Have A Healthy Relationship With Food ….

Food is all around us .. Everywhere we turn there are many types of foods in our birds eye view. Some healthy, some unhealthy, some with high fat, some low-fat, some sugars, etc …

How are we not supposed to have a relationship in someway with food when we spend more time with it sometimes than our real life relationships.

Just like in life we all have our own relationships with food. Some relationships are healthy, some unhealthy, some obsessive, so how do we find a “normal balance” with food when we are always being told eat more, eat less, eat early , eat late, etc …?

Regardless of where you are on your nutrition journey here are some tips and tricks that will help you to have a good balance with food and maybe learn some things about yourself and what makes you act the way you do when it comes to food.

#1 Make Mindful Food Choices: 

Ask yourself if you are eating because you are bored, emotional, tired, or are you really in need of nutrients? If you listen to your body and not your mind you will begin to find some “normal” in your nutrition.

#2 If your cravings don’t subside eat a bite and move on:

If you keep obsessing over that new cupcake shop around the corner and can’t seem to keep focused on life … Grab a small bite size cupcake or share one with a friend and move on!

#3 Stay Positive With Food:

If we view food as a punishment or reward we are less likely to stay on track. If we view food as fuel and nourishment to our bodies; focusing on feeling good we will have a much healthier relationship with food and make much better choices for long periods of time.

# 4 Don’t Keep the Bad Foods in the House:

If it is not there you won’t eat it! If you surround yourself with good healthy choices that is what you are going to choose. It’s just like if you surround yourself with positive people you are going to be more positive.  Make a trip or activity around the food, don’t just eat it cuz it’s there.

# 5 They Don’t Obsess Over a Meal: 

When we find ourselves feeling guilty about a food choice, there’s an instinct to make up for it by either over exercising or being very restrictive at the next meal, People with healthy relationships to food will have a lighter meal later in the day if they decide to indulge at brunch, for example, but they won’t restrict that later meal so much so that they end up binging later because they’ve made themselves excessively hungry. “You can balance out slowly over the course of a week. Look at a typical food week… If you have 21 meals in a week make 18 of them really good beneficial healthy meals and have “fun” with the rest and that is balance!

Bottom line being too rigid, restrictive or strict about nutritious eating can also cause problems, including disordered thoughts or behavior. Don’t stress out; Just KIIS it (Keep It Simple Stupid). Don’t obsess and educate yourself on what your body needs to have in order to be nourished in a positive way.

The O-Board Says…

Tabata with Slam Balls

Slam Ball
med ball around the world
wall ball with slam ball
russian twist with slam ball
slam ball burpee
lateral hops over the slam ball

*Rest 1 minute After Each Station

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