Here I Go Again…

Here I Go Again…

We All Overdo It From Time to Time

A lot of us at CPM truly enjoy exercise. It’s our escape. You walk in the door carrying all of the stress from your day, week, month on your shoulders and magically you forget all of that during your workout. It’s an awesome thing. So it can be easy to get caught up in the addiction of exercise. Some of you will think this is crazy but a lot of you will understand where I am coming from.

I started a new lifting program last week. I love it. I planned to lift 4 days a week and do 4 CPM WODs each week also. Week 1…. I lifted 4 days and I did 5 CPM WODs. You might think that’s not so bad but my body is telling me something different. I was SO SORE by Saturday that I couldn’t comfortably sit down or stand up. 🤕  My IT band is crazy tight and I have belbows from trying so many butterfly pull-ups in addition to everything else I was doing. Something has to change this week.

I happened to have a chiropractic visit scheduled for Monday. I told Dr. Marsh about my week and how I was feeling. He, of course, told me I needed to slow down. A little later I asked him if he thought yogurt could be making my knees hurt. I exercised 9 times last week and I’m blaming my knee pain on yogurt. He informed me that the yogurt may not be my problem 😂

Exercise is good but you can also overdo it. Have you ever seen someone’s body start to break down because they don’t know how to take a break? We don’t need to exercise 3 times a day. Especially when you get to be my age 😳  😉  You can only maintain that for so long. Cleaning up your diet and exercising a reasonable amount is much more beneficial.

Struggling to figure out just how much exercise you need? Hit us up! Getting to the gym is FUN. Given appropriate scales, you CAN workout 5 times each week. You just need to learn how to modify appropriately.

Don’t Forget…. Bring a Friend Week is coming September 18th – 23rd! We are so excited to meet you friends and family 😃



The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Bring Sally Up Challenge

Part B:
1 Round of Cindy
(5 pull-ups, 10 push-up, 15 squats)
Max Doubles

*Scale up for pull-ups = 1 RC”