Holiday Motivation

Holiday Motivation

One down, a few more to go! I really do love the holiday season🎄 – from the goodies to family time, jamming out to Christmas music 🎶and keeping up with old traditions, there seems to be something for everyone to enjoy. But it’s also a time where we start to slack off from our typical routines leading to muscle loss👎🏽, weight gain and poor decision-making.

So how does one stay on track throughout the holiday season?

#1 Schedule Your Workouts

Each Sunday I sit down and plan out my week. I make my workouts a priority. Whether it’s a class, a solo session or rest day, I have a plan. Working out helps relieve the stress of the holiday insanity and can reenergize us when we feel exhausted.

#2 Find an Accountability Partner

Now that the WLC is over, I have noticed some of my old habits creeping back into my life. Why? – Because there are no real consequences or leader board to track. 😬 Find a buddy to check in with –a friend, a spouse or coach. This can help hold us accountable when motivation starts to fade.

#3 Plan an Event for Next Year

I am not sure about you but I am one to push harder to stay in shape when I am working towards a set goal. Maybe it’s an event, a race or better yet, plan a trip to warm destination👙to escape the cold winter. Your goals should be specific and measurable. Record your progress and track every 2-weeks to stay motivated.

#4 Treat Yourself

Life is way too short to say no to that piece of pie or grandma’s famous cookies🍪.  I have been through my share of diet plans. Many that left me overeating or even binge eating, as I felt deprived. I now give myself permission to enjoy that piece of cheesecake or my dad’s amazing fudge😋.  I try to be mindful about these indulgences so I don’t over do it, but I am done feeling guilty about it.

Bottom line, you are not destined to gain the holiday pounds. With proper planning you can maintain your fitness level while still creating those holiday memories with your family.


A. AMRAP 15:
10 Knee to Elbow
20 Plate Ground to Overhead
30 Lateral Hops Or 50 Ball taps

**last did = 1/27/14**

B. 5 rounds for time;
200m Farmer Carry’s
50- double unders

**last did = 1/28/14**

Posted by: Nicole