Hot Summer Deets Time…

On the Deck for This Week’s CPM Community Sunday Yoga… Amanda Kuchta aka… 

If you have been fortunate to have had some of Amanda’s cooking you know how talented she is. And guess what her yoga is known to be just as good if not BETTER!

She takes a very professional approach to her yoga and practices what she preaches. Join us for the 1st Sunday Community Yoga after the 4th of July.

Counts as a class for members or it’s a $10 drop in fee. Don’t be afraid to invite your friends either! $10 is cost-effective/high value yoga.


Our latest Jump Rope Order is in! Grab one of the coaches and we will customize the length to you. Onward to becoming the best jump roping gym in the nation!

Stay Tuned Next Week for some BIG Announcements…

Think Summer CPM SWOL/SLIM Tanks, CPM Combine, Anniversary Party, maybe a new 430p class in the works… We shall see!

The O-Board Says…

A. PT Grinder for 30 minutes

B. “Beat dat Clock”
minutes 1-5…row 800m (rest remainder)
min. 6-10…run 800m (rest remainder)
min. 11-15… row 800m
min. 16-20… run 800m

**Last did 1/16/14 click HERE**

Post by Chris; @cmoknows