How Can I REALLY Change for the Better???

It happens all the time when someone is new to CrossFit or starting a new FITness regimen…They are motivated, excited going to conquer the world. 

Week 1: YOU are on FIRE!!!
Week 2: Feeling frisky and starting to ‘feel’ the results.
Week 3: Sore and fatiqued but still on the plan. 
Week 4: Oh no!…Missed a day or two. With a cheat meal or two. 
Week 5: Here comes all the justifications. 
Week 6: If YOU made it this far, good job and good luck. 

Think about this concept in other areas of your life: career, finances, relationships, etc…

“Why is it that some people are more successful than others?” 

What do successful people do different they the others that don’t? 

To be successful in life is no secret.

Everyone had the same information? The same resources? The same amount of time in a day. 

Its the priniciple of knowing vs. doing? We know what to do, so why don’t we do it? 

How do we change from knowing and to doing?  

There are 3 things that I learned from John Maxwell, need to happen for someone to change for the better.  

Hurt enough you have to: CrossFit is HARD! You get sore. You are challenged physically, mentally and emotionally to push yourself to your potential. Imagine when you start CrossFit you are a Honda Accord and you are being pushed to train like you are now a Ferrarri, not an easy task. You have to have some real goals. You have to be fed up with yourself and want better. It’s gotta hurt on the inside for you to push yourself to be better. Because CrossFit is going to challenge you and see what you are made of. 

You learn enough you want to: Call it an epiphany. Call it divine intervention. Call it becoming empowered. Some of us our fortunate enough to see the light and not only figure out how CrossFit and Paleo works but how they finally figure out how it works in their lives. Once you do, you won’t even think about going back to your old ways. 

Receive enough you are able to: Through the HARD work, consistency and self sacrifice you figure out this thing really works! It happens when your first pullup, first muscle up, first RX’d WOD or your crush a WOD you thought ‘used to’ be impossible and you want more! It is amazing to see the transformation in someone when this happens. When this happens you find that this is where the journey to ELITE FITness really begins and you can achieve anything you want too. 

I tell after the very 1st workout if someone is ‘All Talk’ or if someone is going to make things happen.