How to Hit Life’s Curveballs

How to Hit Life’s Curveballs

When life is flowing it feels amazing and when you can’t seem to catch your breath because you are feeling unmotivated and disconnected, it can be debilitating. The past few weeks have thrown a few curve balls my way. Some have been faster than others but nevertheless it’s been exhausting. I wish I could say it only took a few days for me to bounce back but this one has taken a little more time.

In the game of life, curveballs are normal and should be expected. We all experience them. I wish there was a magic potion for avoiding the struggles and stress but there is not. However the sooner we acknowledge the battle, the sooner we can move forward.

Nature is my miracle drug. There is something about getting outside into the fresh air, feeling the wind and sun on your face and hearing the birds and sounds of nature that has a way of dissolving my troubles. It brings me clarity.

Music can change my energy in an instant. For those Grey’s Anatomy fans, the term “dance it out” should ring a bell. There is something about blasting the music and dancing around that can get your energy to shift and move in the right direction.

Embrace the pain and struggle. It’s ok to allow ourselves some time to just “be” in the moment. This is a healthy way of collecting our emotions. Just remember that we are in control, we are not powerless in this moment. So when you find yourself in a bad spot, find your miracle drug be in nature, music, exercise or whatever moves you and use that to get up and jump back in life.


Odd: 3 Bench
Even: 6 KB Single Leg RDL

50 Doubles
5 Deadlifts
10 Plyo push-ups

Posted by: Nicole