How to Keep Your Edge in a Positive Environment…..

For years, I have self sabotaged, talked down to myself, etc… thinking that this was how I was going to “Keep my Edge”.

I was going to beat myself up so that I couldn’t quit! If I was my worst critic no one else could knock me down right?


What I was doing was digging myself into a deep dark hole, that was going to take a lot of work to climb out of.

It got to the point that nothing was ever ok anymore! I would do a workout, but I would always think you could have done better, you could have gone harder, used more weight etc…

It even began to carry over into all aspects of my life. When I would coach, I would tell myself “you should have coached the exercises more effectively, pushed your members harder, etc….

I was literally driving myself (and I am sure my husband) INSANE!

The ultimate problem is that it was never going to be good enough, because I wasn’t letting my brain allow it too. It was also not good for the people around me; the environment I was creating.

I could not enjoy time with my clients, in fear I would miss a workout I had programmed.  I could not just sit and be still, because my mind would keep telling me “how lazy” I was, and what about all the things I should and could be doing!

I was not being the best leader, motivator, or coach by living my life this way. Even though I was scared to change, what did I have to lose?

I was already loosing myself, “not my edge”.

I went back to the drawing board and changed my game plan. What if I allowed positivity to come into play?

Now I am able to be a better coach, because I am genuinely worried about my clients needs not myself! I am able to enjoy “quality” time with friends and family, because I am not constantly obsessed with what’s next. My workouts have actually improved knowing that I am doing the best that I can for that day. Even if it isn’t the best I can do ultimately I am still coming from a place of gratitude and positivity.

I have now given my clients, Chris, and community the best of me because I am not so focused on beating myself down. When you exude positivity, it comes right back to you. Now I have many positive, inspiring, hard-working people in my life that keep me accountable to get better and grow in a way I never would have been open or able to before.

How do you talk to yourself…. is it positive, negative, or in between, and how are you going to fix it to make sure it always comes from a place of positivity and growth?

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Posted by: Annie