How to REALLY get  what YOU want out of life?

How to REALLY get what YOU want out of life?

A few years ago I learned something in the personal development world that will always stick with me…

“Don’t want what you want”


I know sounds weird. You see, wanting creates only more want. And wanting doesn’t make it easy to receive.

Instead give what you want… That ignites the creative process. And the creative process leads you to figure out how and inspires you do it!


Want confidence?
*They go bolster the confidence of someone else.

What courage?
*Well then go EN-Courage someone else.

How about some hope?
*Find a way to give hope to someone else.

Do you want more money?
*GIVE more money to support someone or something else.

Do you want more belief?
*Go instill belief in someone else

More Love in your life? Go give love.


Bring a Friend Week starts this coming Sunday (go to 3pm Yoga @2.0) we are theming this BAFW #saveYourFriendsWeek but could you actually be saving yourself in the process? Hmmmmm

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The O-Board Says…

Part A: EMOTM 10min:
7 Med Ball Clean
7 T2B Part

B: For Time:
Sit 2 Stand w/ Ball
Slam Balls
200 m Run w/ball btw Rounds

Post by Chris; @cmoknows