How Tough Are You?

Sure we make ourselves “tougher” physically by putting ourselves through a few workouts each week, but that stuff is all surficial.  I’m not saying it’s not a great end goal to want to shape your physical attributes and make yourself healthier doing it, but the longer I workout the more I realize the value of challenging myself mentally.

It should come as no surprise that one’s mind will give up far quicker than one’s body.  I’ve been there many times.  My sneaky mind starts to tell me things like, “why are you doing this?  You’re already fit enough aren’t you?” or “you don’t HAVE to do all those reps, no one is counting them and no one will know.”

We love to push you as coaches, but sometimes we hold back when we see you suffering through a tough workout.  Why?  Because we want you to learn how to challenge yourself too.  I argue that’s what will make you truly “tough”.  Train your mind like you train your body and not only will you improve in the gym, but when life has something harsh to throw at you (and believe me, it will from time to time) you’ll face it head on instead of dodging it.

I anticipate my trickster mind.  I know that when I start to fatigue and breath hard he’s going to start telling me things to get me to quit pushing myself.  I anticipate so that I can counter attack my mind and talk a little smack back.  When I start thinking, “god wall balls again…..I did plenty of those last week, I’m good” I know it’s time to utter something like “is that the best you’ve got guy?” to myself.

Laugh, if you must, that I have these conversations with myself, but they work.  Try it out, and see how much farther past the point your mind says you can go you are able to push yourself.

About a year ago, this article inspired me to give this a try.  I look forward one day to being as mentally tough as this articles’ author.

The O-Board Says…

A. 6 Sets, Each 75 seconds
3 Deadlifts
3 Cleans
(Complete without releasing the bar, and work up in weight each round)

B. 3 Rounds, Each 4 Minutes
400m Run
Max Cleans (with remaining time)
—-Rest 3 minutes between rounds ——

Post by Stets.