How We’re Different than the other Gyms in 2019…

How We’re Different than the other Gyms in 2019…

Welcome to the “Super Bowl” Time of the year for FITness. As we close out 2018 the ole’ New Resolutions will start to become the Top topic of conversation. And with more and more gyms/group exercise facilities opening up its time for me to describe to you why CPMFITness is different.

Generally, a gym experience comes in one of 3 forms:

1. Globo gym: This is the big box, community center style of gym. Generally, you pay between $20 & $100 a month for the use of the equipment and you can workout on your own time and at your own leisure.
2. Group Exercise facility: You pay to attend group exercise classes, be it bootcamp, yoga classes, spin classes, CrossFit classes, pilates, Orange Theory etc. Typically, you pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 to $180 a month for unlimited classes, or you buy a punch-pass for $20 a pop
3. Personal Training Studio: You work predominantly with a coach in a one-on-one environment, and pay anywhere from $65 to $150 an hour for personalized coaching (often $1,000 + a month)

At CPMFITness we are are forging a new model different from all of the above. But before I get into what we do, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the latter three types of gyms.

Globo Gym

Pros: Memberships are typically quite inexpensive, and if you’re experienced, self-disciplined, fit, healthy, injury-free and comfortable in the gym, you can follow a program that caters to your needs and goals and you will see real fitness results.
Cons: You receive little to no guidance from a coach, so more often than not members aren’t working on the things they need to be working on to reach their health, fitness and body composition goals. And because there’s no accountability to stick to your commitment to fitness—nobody reaches out if you stop showing up—members often fall off the bandwagon, yet continue to pay their membership dues because the fee is small enough they barely realize the money is trickling out of their bank account. Thus, most people don’t see results and don’t stick around. Further, the vibe tends to be quite anti-social; people show up with headphones on and listen to music as they grind it out on their own, not speaking or connecting with anyone around them. In other words, there’s no feeling of community in most Globo gyms.

Group Exercise Facility

Pros: Training in a group is fun, social, competitive and motivating. There’s often a strong feeling of community and people make lasting friendships with other likeminded, health conscious individuals. While more expensive than a community center membership, fees are still much more affordable than personal training studios.
Cons: You’re fitness is generally done in a group environment, so there’s little to no individual programming or coaching. This means your personal weaknesses, limitations, injuries, let alone wants, needs and goals, aren’t addressed: You’re at the mercy of the group, as opposed to what you need as an individual. This leads to injuries and/or low accountability to one’s fitness. (Generally, when fitness is done via group exercise classes alone, annual churn rate among members is 70 percent, meaning 7 out of 10 members don’t last even one year in this environment).

Personal Training Studio

Pros: You receive personalized care from a professional coach, who caters to your individual goals, wants and needs. This personal coaching helps you achieve fitness goals and reduces your chance of injury. Accountability also tends to be high because you have an appointment with a coach, who you have an actual relationship with, and are paying a premium to be there.
Cons: It’s expensive (often completely unaffordable for many) and lacks a sense of community. When you speak to people who go to a personal training studio, they often reveal they only know one person in the whole gym: their personal coach. Thus, it’s challenging to forge a community support network at a personal training studio.

Enter CPMFITness: The core behind what we do is to combine the pros from all of the above models, while ditching the cons!

Stay tuned next week as I breakdown the why, how and what we provide the difference among all the 70+ gyms in the Sioux Falls area.

Today’s Workout is…

Min 1: 45 sec Plank
Min 2: 10 Dips (box/ring)
Min 3: 45-sec bar hang

B. 2 Rounds for Reps
*90 sec MAX weighted step ups
45 sec rest
90 sec MAX burpees
45 sec rest
*90 sec MAX DB Clean and Jerk
45 sec rest
90 sec MAX row for cals
45 sec min rest

Post by Chris;
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