I Agree…

I Agree…

It is expensive…
But what is it going to cost you??

I have no time…
“Don’t we all have the same time?
Click ==> Time Manage Like a Dentist
Click ==> Perspective on Time
Click ==> M.A.K.E Time

I’m not in good enough shape yet..
Oh yeah…
Click ==> “I Have to ‘Get In Shape’ Before I Start”

More Fun Excuses: I’m intimidated.. The workouts are too long.. The workouts make me too sore..
Imagine what you can do and how you can feel when they don’t feel that way.
What kind of shape would you be in when you aren’t as sore.
Click ==> Hustler: To Be or Not to Be

You see, the secret is not really a secret…

Your BIGGEST excuse is your best reason why.

Everyone has the same fears, pressures, obligations, insecurities, worried about what other’s think, lack of time, but others choose to choose different. And when you choose different you get different.

Do Different!

The O-Board Says…

Teams of 2, 1 person working at a time:

Complete for time:
200 Russian KBS
150 Goblet Squats
100 Mountain Climbers
50 KB step up’s
– 30 minute time cap –

Post by Chris; @cmoknows