I scream, you scream, we all scream for…vegetables?!?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…vegetables?!?

Fruits and vegetables contain essential nutrients for a healthy body but what if you don’t like vegetables? Is it possible to eat healthy and attain certain fitness goals without having to “eat the rainbow”?

Whether it’s the taste, texture or just pure hard-headedness, veggies can be a challenge for many. For some the dislike or hatred can turn into a full blown panic attack at the mere sight or thought of a veggie. This really exists it’s called — Lachanophobia. I hope that none of you reading this have this condition as it’s not really what I will be discussing here 😁

You’ve probably been told since you were a toddler to ”Eat your vegetables! They’re good for you.” But do you really know why?
Here are some benefits of veggies:
• Your body LOVES them
• They keep you full without the extra calories
• They help you poop
• They help keep us hydrated
• They are SO MANY to choose from which keeps the palate happy

Despite the benefits, veggie phobia still exists and it has been found that genetics may have a stronger influence. For most people, bitterness is plant’s dominant flavor. And if you are lucky enough to possess the bitter gene this can make you more sensitive to those bitter greens.

But even if you are one of these extreme bitter tasters, there’s still hope. Our taste preferences can change a lot over time…that’s if you want it to.

Here’s how:
Step #1 – Stop saying you hate all veggies, you simply have not found the one you LIKE yet:)
Step #2 – Take a bite! Our palates get use to flavors when we taste them over and over again. Just like our first experience with coffee or beer. Not sure many of us would say we were hooked right away.
Step #3 – Mix flavors! By adding a sprinkle of salt to your veggies can block bitter taste receptors. So can fat—so don’t be afraid to drizzle on some olive oil or use a bit of butter on those Brussels.
Step #4 – Clear your mind. Don’t go into each veggie encounter expecting to hate it.
Step #5 – Find your path. Do what works for you, as one size does not fit all. Don’t be afraid to try, as you never know when things might change.


Part A:
5 Rounds
1 Minute Max Cal Row
Rest 1 Minute

Part B:
3 Rounds for Time:
60 sec L Sit Hold
200m Run
60 sec Bar Hang
200m Run
60 sec Handstand Hold
200m Run

Posted by: Nicole