I Went Blackout and then Saw the Light!

I Went Blackout and then Saw the Light!

Here at CPMFITness a good percentage of the members are participating in the Fall/Winter Whole Life Challenge. The focus is on 7 daily ‘wellness’ habits. One habit, Lifestyle, changes each week. Last week, the challenge was “Social Media Blackout”; basically to cease from all personal Social Media usage. Here are the official rules…

This week, we’ll leave our personal social media accounts unchecked and lonely, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter (and any other service that connects us to people anonymously or impersonally). 

If know me I like Social Media… A lot! It’s fun, engaging and helps grow our business. A few of my friends, gym buddies or people I harass a lot (on social media) questioned if I could “lock it up” and go blackout for the week. For me, it was a no brainer! I love opportunities that put me in a position to think different. To alter my perspective. And this would be a great experiment. For others, it appeared (based on what I heard and read) that it was the toughest challenge about the challenge. I was excited to see what I would uncover after removing myself for a week. Here’s what I found…

-Do I like using social media? Yes. Again it’s fun, helps my business grow and is a way to learn and connect with others.

-Do I “Need” Social Media? No. I think the big thing (excuses/maybe complaints:) that I saw this week with other’s posts: This is where I get my news, I’m missing out on things, where do I find the workouts? One of my big themes lately is if you want better answers (results) start asking better questions. For example; if I had to know the workouts where else could I look or find them? (Answer go to the blog). Where could I find the news without social media? (Hmmm newspaper perhaps.)

-Lesson(s) Learned… I think the big lesson on this was don’t rely on one way of thinking or doing something… learn to be flexible/mobile/resourceful! If we hit a wall /roadblock think about how could you? What if I had too?? You can learn to get committed then you will get creative! (more on this next week in my blog post:)

-Will I use social media again? Yep! I back b*tches ???✌?️?

The O-Board Says…

A: Thrusters
*every 90-sec

B: “Fran-kenstein”
Frankenstein Squats
Push Press

Post by Chris; @cmoknows