Identity and Associations

Identity and Associations

Whatever we want on the outside we have to work on the inside.

We are a direct result physically, financially, relationship-wise and any other area of our life due to our self identity and how we view ourselves. I have often said in the past (specifically in THIS PREVIOUS POST) that how we raise our self identity and change our lives for the better is in 2 major ways…

*The books you read.
*The people you associate with and surround yourself by.

An emerging field of study called, Network Science, is asserting that all kinds of behavior such as obesity, smoking, sleeplessness among teens, drug use, happiness and divorce are passed through social networks i.e. our associations.

Behavior is contagious.

Dr. Nicholas Christakis a Harvard professor who study’s health and social networks caused a firestorm a few years ago by statistically proving that your friends and friends of friends are making you FAT. In fact your chance of becoming obese increases 57% if you have a friend who is obese. This has also been proven true for other areas such as divorce, loneness and all sorts of social and personal behaviors.

Look at your circle of friends…

Are they are good influence or bad one?

Given that behavior is contagious. If you create and keep relationship behaviors with others who match your goals in terms of lifestyle and health, in other words those you truly connect with for all the right reasons you are much more likely to adopt their behaviors too.

Upgrade your friends and you will upgrade your life.

I can attest to this topic personally about how important it is to learn how to seek out people that can help you move towards the things you want. One of the best ways I have learned how to achieve things I have wanted or places I wanted to go is to surround myself with and learn from the people who are already doing it.

It’s definitely simple… Easy, well that’s a whole other story.

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The O-Board Says…

A. 5 Reps of Front Squats (Every 3min; 15min)*

B. For Time:
40- Front Squats
100- KB Swings
400m Farmers Carry

Post by Chris.