If the Pros Are Doing Yoga .. So Should YOU!!

If the Pros Are Doing Yoga .. So Should YOU!!

It makes me so excited to see wonderful articles, pictures, instagrams etc … about professional athletes incorporating yoga into their training and seeing amazing results!

Have you heard of Lebron James, Novak Djokovic, Vernon Davis, Kevin Love, Evan Longoria, Tom Brady (just to name a few)?

Not only are they the top Professional Athletes in the world they also all practice Yoga!

They all say how much yoga has impacted their sport in such a positive way! They are calmer in games, strengthens muscles and helps with nagging aches and pains/injuries during the season.

Tom Brady States: “it’s great for flexibility, it’s therapeutic, and great for your attitude.”

With yoga, you have sustained muscular contraction, and you’re building strength through that range of motion and adding function.

The best part it doesn’t take much to make a BIG impact. You can do 1-2 yoga practices per week for 30 -90 minutes and you will feel like a million bucks!

If the top athletes in the world are “practicing” and seeing results

why wouldn’t’ you?

To Treat Your body like a Pro check out my yoga class tomorrow night at 5:30pm at the Western Mall!

If that doesn’t work .. Check out our schedule to find the yoga class that works for you! You or your body will thank you!

The O-Board Says…

50 cal row
40 Burpee Over the Bar
30 Power Snatch
20 Squat Cleans
10 Bar Muscle Ups

Posted by: Annie