If You Believe You Will Achieve….

This past weekend many participated in the local Sioux Falls half and full marathon. I was talking about this with some of our members, and they were mentioning how “they could NEVER run a marathon”.

I of course chimed right in and said “Well with an attitude like that of course you could not”. I then proceeded to ask them ”Why”?.

I said “If you were going to die, or run the marathon would you do it”? Their answers were “Well yes of course”. So then you “CAN” run a marathon.

We spend so much of our time talking about what we can’t do that we loose focus on all the wonderful things we can do!

You have to look at situations and challenges in your life as opportunities to grow and really evolve into the person you know you can be. Yes, I understand if running a mile is difficult for you then running a marathon seems out of reach. So sign up for a 5K and train, then sign up for a half and train, etc… Life is all about building and growing in order to achieve greatness.

Michael Jordan was not born an NBA All Star and one of the greatest NBA players of all time, he worked day in and day out. He trained each day like a champion and out worked everyone else and the results showed.

You have to train your brain to believe that you can achieve all that you want to in this lifetime. It is just as easy to focus on what you want to do, as it is to focus on what we don’t want to so why don’t you?

I know that it can be scary but what is even scarier is not reaching your full potential!

Here is a great video that I watch when I start to have self-doubt and it really gives me a kick in the right direction!

Today’s Workout:

2 Faced

20 min of Yoga


5 rounds For Time:
15x KB swings
15x Ring dips