I’m Excited!

I’m Excited!

Who Are These People Walking Around Class?

You may have noticed some new faces in class. These good-looking, fit friends are the Fall 2016 CDA class and they are a fantastic group. Motivated, optimistic, fun, hard-working… I could go on and on. So what can you expect to see out of this group over the next few months? Well, you know I like lists so I’m going to make a list.

  • CDA members start by shadowing a coach during class. They will assist with writing names on the board, running music, running the clock and helping members with equipment.
  • The next step is to have the CDA member begin to coach a portion of the class with the assistance of the head coach. You will start to hear their voice in class. They may even coach you with a movement.
  • Once the CDA coach is comfortable with coaching a portion of the class, they will begin to coach an entire class while the head coach shadows them. By this time, the CDA coach will know the movements inside and out.
  • Finally, the CDA coach becomes a coach. They can run a class from start to finish.

Obviously, this process happens at a different pace for each CDA member but our goal is to turn them into rockstar coaches. So what do we ask of the CPM members throughout this process? We want your feedback! We love comments, suggestions and even constructive criticism. This doesn’t apply to the CDA coaches only. We want your input on all of the coaches, the gym, the workouts and what we can do to make your CPM experience the best it can be. Do you love a coach? Let us know! Do you have a hard time hearing a coach? We need to know!

Say hello to our new CDA friends next time you see them in class. They are eager to meet all of the CPM members!


The Oboard Says…
Part A:
For Minimum Rounds:
10 minutes:
MAX Handstand Hold
MAX Bar Hang
Part B:
4 Rounds For Time:
24 Overhead Lunges w/ Ball
16 Medball Cleans
500m Row/100 Doubles (You Pick!)
Posted by: Emily