I’m Happy to be 41. Really, I am! And an FNL Recap :-)

I’m Happy to be 41. Really, I am! And an FNL Recap :-)

My Next Year

My birthday was Monday and it was a great day. I don’t particularly care to have a celebration in my honor. In fact, I like to avoid that stuff but it feels good to be surrounded by family and friends. Real quick, I want to share with you what I expect to accomplish over the next year:

  1. Figure out what drives me. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and a common theme is figuring out what makes you a fire breather. Chris calls me the tornado because when I get fired up, I go crazy. This year I want to figure out what drives me so I can begin to use it to my advantage.
  2. Succeed and help others succeed. Nutrition, lifting, workouts, motivation, leading. I will get better at these and I will help others do the same.
  3. Give my time to those that count. Reality can be harsh but I don’t have time for 100 friends. If you think you do, you are kidding yourself. Family, close friends and clients will get my time.
  4. PR like a mad woman. The fact that I’m writing this scares me a little because now I’m committed BUT I’m doing this and nobody can stop me! I’m ready to see some big gains in my lifting and gymnastics ?
  5. Develop strong, confident kids in and out of the gym. Lisa Zahn and I are attending a Crossfit Kids certification in April. I’m passionate about helping kids and this will only make me better. So excited!
  6. Give back to my community. I live in Canton and I’m always trying to think of ways to bring what I do to my home town. This year, I want to find a way to help kids and adults in Canton too.
  7. Finally, have fun. If you spend time with me in the gym, you know that I spend most of my time goofing off. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I plan to act like I’m 35 despite the fact that I’m 41 this year. Hmm… maybe even act 29?? ?

Friday Night Lights Is Coming to an End….

And I’m sad. As much as I’m ready to have my Friday nights back, I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with my CPM friends on Friday nights and loved meeting some people from DocuTAP and 2.0. This Friday will be our final open workout…. 18.5. Stop by to hang out, watch the workout and have fun! Alright, here’s my take on 18.4.

18.4: Handstand Walks…. What?!

Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand Push Ups
Deadlift (315/205)
Handstand Walk (50 ft)

This workout wasn’t as daunting as 18.3 for me. Despite the fact that not many of our members can do handstand walks, I knew this workout wasn’t designed for most of us to even get to the walk. Here are my thoughts:

  • My goal was to get to the 21 deadlifts in the heavier weight. I knew I wouldn’t do well with handstand walks but I would give them a try if I got to them. Well… I didn’t so the walks were irrelevant.
  • Deadlifts – The initial deadlift weight was reasonable for me. I went through them at a decent pace.
  • Handstand Push-Ups – I’m much better at these this year than I was last year however I decided in advance that I would use an ab mat. Didn’t want to hurt my neck. These went well. My right glute cramped up during my kick up on these. That set me back a little but I rallied through it.
  • Heavier set of Deadlifts – I was happy I had my weight belt on for these. I managed to get 12 of them. In hindsight, I wish I would have pushed to finish these and at least try the handstand walk. It would have been entertaining.
  • Scales – I was impressed with how the CPM members scaled this workout. They all have a plan when they walk in. A lot decided to do the workout scaled from the start and finished it within the 9 minute time cap!

18.5 is announced tonight. I hope to see lots of you at CPM Friday night!!


The Oboard Says..
Part A.
10 min AMRAP
Pull Ups
50 Double Unders
– Rest 2 min –
Part B.
10 min AMRAP
Deficit Push Ups
25 Plate Snatch (45/25)

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