In the News…

CPM360 Nutrition Challenge

Is officially underway. There is actually still time to get in on it. The first cuts are Saturday morning. Talk to myself or Annie for details.

SFH Supplements are in!

We have some extra protein, recovery and fish oils from the latest order. If you are in need let us know before we are out. We are planning to make another pre-order late October.

In the Works…

Rowing challenge? Wreck Shop?? 1st Party/Get Together/Open House?? Goal Setting Workshop??? Stay tuned…

Today’s Workout:

A.  4 Sets:
5-7 Power Cleans
30 Sec Rest
10 x Good Mornings
30 x Sec Rest
Turkish Get Up’s: 4-3-2-1
30 x Sec Rest

B.   Time vs. Distance
500M Row or 400m Run for time
then max distance from 1st row or run.
*Rest same time between 1st set


Post by Chris.