Increase YOUR Result Potential…

Most every single person that walks into a CrossFit Box wants to look better naked. That is their main driving force in the beginning.

I will be honest with you…it is a superficial goal…SHOCKER HUH!?

Not that it is a bad goal…hell I still want to look better naked!

But let’s dive a little deeper. Because the general FITness population’s end all be all goal is just that, look better and that’s IT! When you think like that you put a cap on your results.

With CrossFit, looking better is the easiest goal you will ever make. Anybody can get leaner, stronger, and increase their work capacity…ANYBODY! That is the easy part, its hard work, but very simple.

I love to see the way people change physically, but more so, I love to see when people starting thinking, talking and acting differently.

As they learn more about CrossFit you see the transformation with their perception of FITness in general.

And they start treating FITness as a sport vs. just physical benefits only.

When you stop stressing about gaining/losing weight on the scale and you start focusing on; How many Pullups can you do?

When you stop counting calories and start looking at how many colors are on your plate?

When you (women) stop worrying about ‘getting bulky’ and start throwing more weight on the bar and realize the more weight you LIFT the better and better your pants will fit!

When you stop doing ‘extra cardio’ before or after a WOD and start REALLY PUSHING yourself to the point you are in the fetal position weekly.

You see when you treat FITness as a sport and everything you do in your workouts as a skill, your ‘result potential’ is now UNLIMITED!!! You can and will continue to get better and better and better.

You can always improve your clean, you can always run a little bit faster, push yourself self harder, and know that you will continue to build more character and mental toughness every time you THROTLE a WOD…and that my friends is never ending.

Sure we will age, and age does catch up to you, but I believe overall in the next 10 yrs you will kick yourself in the *ss physically, mentally, and emotionally…alas TRUE RESULTS!

Tell us your initial goals/perception of FITness in general and CrossFit.

And how has it changed?