Is Friday Your Cheat Day?

Is Friday Your Cheat Day?

Progress Not Perfection

Another week down! How are you feeling? We hope you are feeling better both mentally and physically. It can get a little tedious to have to log meals on MealLogger but keep up the good work. These next 3 weeks will fly by and you will have amazing results to show for all of your hard work.

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Emily’s Progress Not Perfection Journey

Another week down. This challenge has turned into more of a workout challenge for me than a nutrition challenge. I didn’t want it to be that way but it has just happened. My workouts have been great. I’ve managed to workout with a class 5 times each week. While I always workout 5 days a week, I was only doing 2 of those workouts in a class setting. I’m sure part of why I have been feeling good during the workouts has something to do with the energy of being in a class and the nutrition part of the challenge….

About the nutrition. I’m eating my 3 compliant meals each day and I’m not hungry in between meals. Do you think that has kept me from snacking 75 minutes before or after my meals though? Unfortunately, it hasn’t. What to do, what to do. On the plus side, we did not eat at a restaurant last week. With basketball games and practice, that is a pretty big deal for our family. I need more motivation to get the snacks (keep in mind this is primarily dairy in my coffee and dark chocolate and pecans) out of my diet or at least reduced. If you have any ideas, let me know. The idea of wearing a bikini on our tropical vacation in March seems like it should be enough, right? Apparently not!

One last thing, I really don’t like posting my meals to MealLogger. It’s not even that much work but boy do I hate to take an extra 2 minutes to do it. I do enjoy looking at everyone else’s meals though!

Keep up the good work friends. I hope you are all enjoying this challenge as much as I am!

The Oboard Says..
2 Rounds For Time:
24 Deadlifts
24 Box Jumps
24 WallBalls
24 Lying Press
24 Box Jumps
24 WallBalls
24 Cleans
CAP at 35:00
Posted by: Emily