Is It Too LATE???…Nope!

I have always been fascinated with the Malcolm Gladwell 10k hour theory of the amount of time it takes to get really good at anything. I always reflect back to the days when all I wanted to be was a pro basketball player. When I had the desire and passion I practiced all the time and everyday. I was determined to bypass others that were far more talented then myself by sheer determination and work ethic.

I would practice and practice but was it ‘deliberate practice’?

What would it have done for me back then to implement the ‘deliberate’ part of the practice back in those days for me?

I bet all of us (especially with an athletic background) have asked ourselves the same question.

But with this 10,000 hour rule now widely known, is it too late for any of us to be able to achieve our dream for ourselves?

Lets say the 10 hour rule works.

Lets say it is guaranteed to work…

No matter what…

What would you do?

Last question what is holding you back?

Let me introduce you to Dan McLaughlin. On his 30th birthday, Dan had decided to quit his job to become a professional golfer. And Dan has had no experience and even less interest in the sport.

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Can a complete novice become a golf pro with 10,000 hours of practice?

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