Is Real Fitness like Raising Real Kids?

Is Real Fitness like Raising Real Kids?

This new parent world is pretty incredible. (I know you parents told me so) The whole process has been a game-changer and fundamental shift in my identity

When change in life comes your way there are opportunities available to take advantage of. Being in the hospital and watching how doctors 👨‍⚕️and nurses 👩🏼‍⚕️have helped heal up our little guys can’t help but make me translate the struggles and successes we’ve faced with our stay at the NICU over to the FITness and gym life. I’ve come up with the question, “Is building True FITness like raising Real Kids?”

Getting FIT is a game-changer in life. So is having children. Is raising kids successfully similar attaining true and lasting physical FITness? He are 3 things that support my point.

1️⃣No Excuses: A good friend of mine told me a couple months ago, “Your #1 job as a parent is to not have them die in the first 18 months.” When you have these new babes in your possession that is all you care about. You will do anything for them no matter the cost, lack of sleep, frustration, etc… You will keep those kid(s) alive. A similar mentality could be transferred to your physicality. Time, money, lack of anything is just a BS excuse.

2️⃣One Step Forward… 2 Steps Backwards
Life is not linear. Having setbacks is part of the deal and teaches you so much about yourself. So you need to deal with it. Regardless of the circumstances you will win if you don’t quit on yourself

3️⃣It’s as Complicated as we make it
Embarking on Parenthood can freak a brotha out 😮. As I’ve dived into learning about dad skills it really boils down to the fundamentals of life. A solid marital relationship 💏, providing a stress free environment, giving the kiddos accountability + schedule and structure can solve most of the issues with newborns and your FITness

Get with the program. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Create some structure and a schedule. Live Free and get FITTER 💪🏼🤙🏼

Today’s Workout is…

A. Push Press

B. Every 3 Minutes for 5 Rounds:
15/12 Cal Row
10 Push Press
30 Lateral Hops

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