It is a Choice to be Happy ….


Appearance is in the eye of the beholder …

This is so true … The way we view things can be vital to our overall health and wellness.

For example if you have to clean your house you can view this 1 of two ways.

#1 “oh God I have to clean this house, I hate cleaning, why can’t I hire a cleaning lady etc…”

#2 “I am so thankful to have this beautiful home to clean and take pride in the fact that I have the ability to move and clean my house on my own” .

Now they are the same task but two opposing views on the topic …

Which one would you rather choose?

Sometimes we can get in the habit of always seeing life with the glass half empty kind of light, when in reality we have so much to be thankful for each and everyday.

I was listening to a Ted Talk recently and the man was saying he had visited a third world country and he was amazed to see the smile on everyone’s faces living in the conditions they were living in. They had no running water, lived in huts, bugs everywhere around, yet they felt they had so much to be thankful for.

When you see those conditions and return to your “normal” life you have so much more to be thankful for!

But you don’t have to remove yourself to a third world country to be thankful.

Just focus on the blessings life has to offer and train your brain to be thankful; see the glass half full right now

Here is a great post from on Lies we Tell Ourselves to Keep Us From Being Happy.

I hope you will see all the wonderful things life has to offer and in the words of Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry Be Happy”

The O-Board Says…

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