It is Vital To Stretch!

We are always told that we should stretch, but is it better before our workout, after our workout, on our rest days?

These are all great questions and I think they are all right answers.

Stretching is always beneficial and here are some important reasons why:

Improved blood circulation: The deep breathing in yoga and the deep pressure work in foam rolling work together to improve your blood circulation which is beneficial because it allows your body to begin removing toxins from your body, delivers more oxygen to your cells and allows for a more efficient transportation of nutrients to your body at a cellular level.

Improved flexibility: THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! I feel like we are always in such a rush that we don’t give ourselves enough time to really listen to our bodies. Since my hips were tight they were causing my knee joint to strain due to improper alignment. My hamstrings were also very tight which was contributing to my back pain and my overall inflexibility was causing my poor posture.The reason why yoga and foam rolling were so important in helping me with my scoliosis is because when your muscles are tight they shorten and pull your body in different directions. When you stretch them and apply deep pressure to those tissues you are lengthening the muscles allowing for proper mobility.

Aerobic activity: Usually the energy you are exerting during yoga is at an aerobic level meaning that your heart rate is in a range that is optimal for reducing stress, depression and your risk of having a heart attack. It also improves your oxygen intake during exercise and increases your endurance.

Myofascial release: Myo-what? Our muscles and fascia, a connective tissue located right beneath the skin, make up the myofascia system. When we are injured or not flexible the muscle tissue and fascia can become connected which results in limited muscle movement and range of motion which causes pain and soreness. Using a foam roller to break this tension up will relieve muscle and joint pain!

Mental well-being: I am a very positive person! I love life, being in a good mood, helping others be positive and seeing the good in everything, even if it seems likes it really sucks. But something crazy comes over my mind when I do not work out and when I do not allow myself to have a little “me time”. I start to think things “WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE??” and start to believe that I’m just destined to be lazy. Crazy, over dramatic thoughts that are a result of not giving myself enough attention!! Any kind of activity is the answer to shaking these feelings but yoga especially! Its meditation and breathing create mental calmness and clarity and it sharpens concentration and self-awareness.

Now you have the information you need to make the most out of your stretching and get the most from your workouts.

The O-Board Says…

5 rounds for time;
200m Farmer Carry’s
50- Walking Lunges

Posted by: Annie